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For best analysis, please bring with you to the visit, any lab work, radiology reports, and other evidence of present condition. Additionally, please bring your supplement bottles (so I can read the fine print). Having a fairly good idea of your family medical history will also be of help.

Cholesterol-reducing without Drugs
Cholesterol, LDL's, Triglycerides

Adrenal Fatigue
Easy testing and nutrient support

Diabetes Prevention
Diet and supplement program

Depression / Anxiety
Easy at-home testing available

Alzheimer's / Dementia Prevention
Using latest research

Anemia Correction
Very easy and inexpensive

Choosing the right supplement

A full program: men and women

Identifying the cause

Heart Disease Prevention
How to test C-Reactive Protein

Skin Health
A healing skin cream available

Interstitial Cystitis
Food list and healing supplements

Diarrhea / Constipation
Reduce GI bacteria, change diet

Rebalance good and bad GI bacteria

Gastric Reflux (GERD)
A surprising analysis and solution

Immune System Health
What's missing from your picture?

Discuss natural hormone replacement and more

Men's Health
Easy at-home test for testosterone and DHT

Pregnancy Care
What you doctor may not tell you

Prostate Health
Quality natural supplements

Sinus Infection
Usually an easy solution

Thyroid Conditions
Avoiding Synthroid

Cancer Prevention and Management
The Keith Block, MD, protocol

Bone Health
The right bone-building minerals

Colitis / UC / Crohn's
Anti-inflammatory and tissue healing program

Wilson's Temperature Syndrome
Normal thyroid tests, but still feel terrible?

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